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3 Easy Steps to Help Auditory Learners Study!

September 08, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana

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Auditory Learners are known to be good listeners. Ears will be their main weapon in studying. This can be both a distraction or an advantage. Here we made sure that it will be used as the latter in developing their study habits! Remember to use "E.A.R" to help our Auditory Learners!


Study Tip # 1

Eagerly Listen:

Encourage your little ones to use their listening ears. Storytelling, songs or jingles are great ways to teach them new information. These will catch their attention more than pictures or hands-on activities.


Study Tip # 2

Actively Discuss:

Another thing that Auditory learners love more than listening is talking. After listening to new information, make sure to discuss about it with them. Motivate them to ask or answer questions. This will help them analyse and process what they have heard.


Study Tip # 3

Repeat! Repeat!

Let them repeat out loud the contents and repeat the process. This will enhance their memory skills.


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