3 Things to Do With Your Kids This March School Holiday!

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3 Things to Do With Your Kids This March School Holiday!

March 07, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Thinking of what your kids can do during the March school holidays? Look no further as here are some wholesome activities that your kids (and you) can do!


Explore Nature!

We spend most of our time indoors in Singapore whether it is in the classroom or in the comfort of our room. Exploring nature during the March school holidays is a great way to get away from the concrete jungle and get closer to nature.


Well-loved places like the Singapore Botanic Gardens or Sungei Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve allows children to breathe in fresh air and see things in nature they wouldn’t normally get to see.


Furthermore, studies have shown that children become more creative when exposed to nature as they can use all their senses rather than just sight and sound. It is also suggested that exposure to nature has a calming effect on children, helping them with their concentration and stress. So put on your favourite pair of sneakers and start exploring the great outdoors!


Get Creative!

Felt like art lessons in school were never long enough for your kids to fully express themselves? Fret no more as the March school holidays provides the most opportune time for your kids to release some of their creative juices.


Some art projects to take on include sustainable art. Instead of throwing away things you don’t need anymore, you could put them into new use by allowing your kids to express their creativity and transform old plastic containers and cardboards into new items. Teaching kids about sustainable living doesn’t only benefit the current state of things, but it also means that we are helping create a healthier future for our children.


Through art projects, kids can learn how to come up with positive emotional responses to stressful situations. Additionally, concentrating on an art project for long periods can also help develop focus and longer attention spans. These can help children learn how to express themselves in new, innovative ways which in turn helps them gain confidence and perseverance.


Work Up A Sweat!

With more free time during the March school holidays, kids can try out different sporting activities and pick up some good habits to improve their health through exercise.


Some sporting activities that might be of interest include rock climbing, ice-skating, and cycling along the beach. Benefits of exercise are aplenty, including improving their cardiovascular health, building muscle, increased bone health, improved their balance and a strong immune system.


Apart from physical benefits, exercise can also increase cognitive development. Through exercise and sports, it can help improve memory and processing speed, increase their focus, reduce stress, and build confidence. 


At School of Concepts, we encourage students to have fun and explore their interest through learning different things. 

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