4 Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories Every Night!

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4 Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories Every Night!

May 30, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Why is it benefical to read bedtime stories to your little one every night? Besides learning new words and improving their reading skills, what are some other benefits we are unaware of. Here is a quick read for you to find out 4 benefits of reading bedtime stories!


Good Bonding Time


Reading bedtime stories can be a great bonding activity for you and your little one. Sharing a bedtime story gives them a time where they have you all to themselves. Reading also brings one another closer together as you can bond to make more cosy memories that will last a lifetime.


Improves Your Child’s Reading Skills


Even though you are the one reading, it does not mean your child isn’t learning. Children are able to grasp a lot of  details when you are reading a bedtime story, following the words and starting to recognise them on the page. A bedtime story is also a great opportunity for you and your little one to take turns and each read a paragraph. This would give your child the opportunity to practice reading while listening to his/her favourite bedtime stories.


It Sparks Imagination


Books open up whole new worlds to children, both real and imagined. Sharing a bedtime story will take them to places they’d never have dreamed of. Whether it is unicorns, fairies or monsters, the possibilities are endless. Reading fictional stories can be eye opening for the child while also opening their imagination. Your little one will be able to create new storylines with their own imagination and this decision-making stimulates the mental patterns that are fundamental to creativity.


It Creates Conversation


Reading bedtime stories are not only about learning new words, it's also about answering your little one’s questions, explaining concepts and talking about what's happening on the page. Reading together can stimulate so many wonderful questions and create conversations, which can help your children clear any doubts.


So while you might rush to finish reading one book and move onto the next one, spend some time chatting with your little one about the book you’ve just read. School of Concepts has planned a series of bedtime stories that are perfect for your little one. Have a sweet dream and go to bed listening to some of our handpicked stories by the School of Concepts!

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