Children’s First Step Towards Success

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Children’s First Step Towards Success

May 21, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

A child’s development in the first 5 years is extremely crucial. The word development means changes beyond children’s physical growth but also their social, emotional, behavioural, thinking and communication skills. These areas are all interlinked and are capable of influencing other aspects of development.


Why is playing an important part in a child’s development?

At such a young age, play is a child’s main way of learning and acquiring new skills. 


Playing is fun for your little one. It allows them to interact with others and this gives them opportunities to explore and observe emotional and behavioural changes in the environment. Parents should actively support their child to try new things and let their little one make mistakes at times. 


Making mistakes is not always bad, it allows parents to correct their children and teach them the difference between right and wrong. This improves communication between parents and their child as children are not fearful to express their wrongdoing. 


Time spent on playing, talking and interacting are never wasted, as it allows your little one to learn key life skills such as communicating and thinking. 


At School of Concepts, our teachers encourage learning through play for our little learners! Through our programmes such as Discovery Play and SoC Playgroup, we are committed to help children develop cognitive & motor skills through structured progressive - learning activities. Our activities also aim to improve the child’s communication skills and independence through meaningful peer interactions and helping them to manage separation anxieties. Lastly, small class sizes allow our experienced teachers to provide quality interaction between one another. 


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