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Annie's New Year's Resolutions

January 06, 2020

Posted by School of Concepts

Mummy says that people make New Year’s resolutions for the new year. I wanted to make one too! Do you want to see what I did with my mummy?



1. Learn new things

I told mummy that I want to learn swimming. I also want to learn ballet with my friend!





2. Read and write like Mummy!

I want to read longer sentences on my own. I also want to hold my pencil properly when I write. Mummy says she is considering a phonics class to help me achieve my goals.






3. Eat healthier

Mummy says I eat too much candy and sweets. I will try to eat less sweet things next year. I should try to eat more greens like broccoli and peas when mummy cooks them for me.






4. Go outdoors more often

I watch the television when mummy and daddy are busy. Mummy says we will spend more time together outdoors on the weekends and during the holidays. She even pinky promised me!






5. Adopt a 'green' lifestyle

Mummy says that we should use less plastic and learn to recycle. We will also do more activities like cleaning up the beach as a family. I would also love to attend workshops to learn how to upcycle items.



6. Continue good behaviour

Mummy says I have been a good girl this year. She hopes I continue to be a good girl in 2020 too!


7. Always have fun!

I want to make new friends next year and play with them! I also want to learn through fun ways - learn through play!

(Click the picture to see how little Annie's friend learn through play!)






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