Easter Sunday Activity Ideas

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Easter Sunday Activity Ideas

April 01, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

It is the perfect occasion to spend time outside with your friends and family. Get creative and hands on with our Easter Sunday activity recommendations!


Decorate Easter Eggs

A traditional Easter holiday activity, you can paint and decorate Easter Eggs with your little one. With just a hard-boiled egg or wooden egg and some colouring markers or acrylic paint, you and your child can let your imaginations go wild and decorate the Easter egg together. For the more adventurous, why not grab some glitter or stickers and spruce up the Easter egg. The sky’s the limit on the designs you can do!


Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Another fun Easter tradition is the Easter Egg Hunt which children enjoy. You can hide some decorated eggs around your house or in the park to get your little one active and excited to go on a hunt for the eggs. Add to their excitement by putting some treats with the eggs as a reward for your little one when they find them! 


Get Creative with Easter Ornaments

Take this opportunity to do some arts and crafts with your little one by creating Easter Ornaments! You and your child may recycle some cardboards and design your very own Easter rabbit. Add to the festive vibe by recycling some toilet rolls and using some branches to create a miniature Easter Tree to hang the ornaments and Easter Eggs! 


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