Savvy Ways to Maximise Family Bonding This Season

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Savvy Ways to Maximise Family Bonding This Season

May 23, 2019

Posted by School of Concepts

The year is almost at it’s end – and what better way to end it, than with spending time with loved ones! Here’s our round-up of various opportunities to create wonderful memories with you and your family:


1. Robocar Poli Christmas Live show

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When: 30 Nov – 16 Dec 2018 Where: Central Atrium, Marina Square

Timings: Various Price: Free


Are Poli, Helly, Amber and Roy your child’s favourite friends? Then, head on down to Marina Square this holiday to watch them! It’s best to leave a little early (at least 20 minutes before) for the first sixty families in the queue, get the opportunity to meet-and-greet the characters on stage!

P.S. The meet-and-greet passes are handed out 20 minutes before the show!


2. Snowy Playtime

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When: City Green Park

Where: 16 Nov – 30 Dec 2018

Timings: 8.15pm and 9.15pm

Price: Free


Has your child seen, touched or played with snow before? If he/she hasn’t, you could drop in to visit City Green Park! Be prepared to dance to Barney-themed Christmas songs while playing with ‘snowy’ foam! If you’re rushing and just want a quick pop-in, not to worry – every session is only ten minutes, perfect for a mini-dose of fun! This way, children can’t get too messy either! At the end of the session, you can take snaps of your family at the Barney Themed Christmas backdrop!

P.S. Insider tip – you might want to dress your child in sturdy clothes (preferably not new!) to withstand the foam!


3. Shimmer and Shine

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When: 7-20 Dec 2018

Where: United Square, 101 Thomson Road, S307591

Timings: Various

Price: Free


Do your little ones love Nickelodeon’s genies? Then, head over to United Square to watch Shimmer and Shine’s first-ever stage show! Sing, dance, laugh and play with these loveable genies! If you happen to purchase some products while you’re there, check your bill – for the first 50 families with a minimum $50 purchase get tickets to a meet-and-greet!


4. Family Bonding Time

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Price: Free


If your children are slightly older (say above the age of 6), you might want to scroll your mouse over to Health Hub’s website. From treasure hunt to inline skating, there’s tons of fun family-activities that you can sign up for this December! For young fans of The Hunger Games, there’s archery to look out for! For fans of aircon-based sports, there’s bowling! Finally, for the budding young David Beckhams, there’s even soccer. It’s time to make your family’s sporting dreams come true!

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