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How can Storytelling be helpful to an Auditory Learner?

September 18, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana


Stories can teach us about life, ourselves, and the people around us. The art of storytelling, however, conveys stories in a creative and expressive manner that can create a lasting impression on children.

Auditory Learners are those who learn best through speaking and listening to others. Through Storytelling, they are able to focus on the words and the storyteller’s voice. By shifting their focus onto one story, it ensures that they are not only more attentive but are also eager to listen and understand.





Here are some benefits of storytelling for kids:


  1. Improve reading fluency- Fluency is important as it bridges word recognition and comprehension. Storytelling allows them to focus on the text and understand what the story is about. The more they read, the quicker their ability to grasp information will be!


  1. Learn new words - Stories come with words that may be unfamiliar to children. Reading the stories out loud makes them acquainted with the language and in the process, learn new words and phrases. The more stories they listen to, the more their vocabulary will expand! 


  1. Encourages writing - After hearing a story, children will be encouraged to think imaginatively and write their own stories to share! Writing equips them with communication and thinking skills that will make them great storytellers!


  1. Boost in Creativity- Listening to a story helps children imagine characters, places, and plots. The possibilities of what they can imagine are endless, making them open to new ideas and thinking creatively! 

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