How To Reset After A Hard Day

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How To Reset After A Hard Day

June 11, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Once a while, we all experience going through a tough day, we might be overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities we have at work or just feeling frustrated. Hence, it is important to know what activities suit you and what activities help to calm yourself down.


Step Outside and Take A Long Stroll

Taking a stroll can help relieve stress and boost your mood. After a long day of working from home, stepping outside to get some fresh air and have a walk can be a great way to unwind and spend some time alone. 

Walking can help to improve blood flow to the brain, helping you to think and feel better. In return, you may feel an improvement in your level of creativity and problem solving skills after adopting this routine. You can also bring along your little one to spend some quality time with them. 


Lay Down and Listen to Soft Tunes

Maybe you’re someone who spends the whole day outdoors and prefers to chill at home after a hard day? Listening to music may be the perfect thing for you! Research has shown that listening to soft tunes improves our mood, boosts our sleep quality and helps us to relax. 

Different songs alter our hormone levels and body chemistry, hence listening to calm and pleasant music can increase serotonin levels and make you happy. Try playing soft tunes when putting your little one to bed, you might be surprised that they love it too! 


Take A Bubble Bath

Taking a bubble bath sounds so dreamy and what a good way to end the day! After a hard day, taking a bath can relax your mind and brighten your mood. You may want to end your day with a quick shower, but a slow bath can soothe sore muscles. Relaxing the mind will also help you to sleep better and feel more energised the following morning. Next time when you feel like you had a hard day, try taking a bath with your little one, maybe you’ll find out why they love sitting in the tub so much! 


Express Your Creativity

If you’re someone with a hobby that involves creativity and something crafty, try doing small DIY projects or art pieces. Hobbies can help you to declutter your mind and it forces you to take some time for yourself. Doing something you’re passionate about improves your mood and puts you in the right state of mind where you feel positive. Hence, if you’ve had a hard day, maybe start a small project with your little one and slowly work towards a final piece. Once it's done, I’m sure you and your little one will be overwhelmed with joy!

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