How to Encourage Children to Write

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How to Encourage Children to Write

December 30, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana



   We have discussed in previous blog posts that reading plays an important role in increasing a child’s phonemic awareness. However, did you know that writing plays an integral role as well? While reading acts as superb practice for blending, writing enables the learner to associate sounds with a letter symbol, thus forming words! Reading and writing work hand in hand to ensure holistic development of phonemic awareness and phonics skills.


Here are some ways to encourage your child to write!


Get them involved when you write

Children have a natural sense of curiosity, so when they see you doing things that are unfamiliar to them, they will naturally gaze in wonderment. Let them see you write letters, emails, and more!  The more they see you write, the more they will be influenced and inspired to start writing too! Remember, you are your child’s first and greatest role model!


Provide writing activities!

One way to easily implement writing activities is to ask them to write items for your shopping lists! Not only does this encourage writing, it also allows your little one to have a sense of responsibility to look out for the items they pen down for your next shopping trip! 


Celebrate their writing!

Supporting your child goes a long way in encouraging them to develop their love for writing. Words of encouragement help to affirm them when their writing is improving, it will motivate them to practise, practise and practise! After all, practise makes perfect!


Learn through play

Children learn best when they’re having fun! Research has shown that children have better memory retention when they experience strong emotions. Playing games, winning, or even losing will evoke strong emotions in your little one giving them the opportunity to build muscle memory, retain the information better and learn! Play games that encourage writing like ‘Fill in the Blanks’, where little ones will have to fill in the blanks of story sheets to form their own story! 


Most importantly, the presence of a child’s primary caregiver while learning helps the child feel safe - secure enough to make mistakes and to continue trying! Words of encouragement from role models are most motivating for little ones. They will feel inspired to better their craft when encouragement is given. When children perceive writing as fun and an essential skill that is used every day, they will be able to form a habit of writing! 


At School of Concepts, we use fun to strengthen and foster a love for reading and writing in our students!


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