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How to Teach your Child to be more Giving

December 08, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana





For a child, the act of receiving a gift fills them with glee. Unwrapping a gift as they burn with curiosity, wondering what could be inside; what could beat the thrill of receiving a gift? Giving a gift, of course! 


The feeling of seeing someone’s face light up and knowing that you made someone happy is an indescribable feeling of joy that triumphs receiving one. Like Jackson Brown Junior once said, “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”It is, however, a feeling that may be new to some children because many are so fortunate and are often showered with gifts. 


During this season of giving, here are some ways your little one can enjoy the act of giving just as much as receiving! 


Model Generosity

Parents are a child’s biggest and first role models. Often when we perform acts of kindness, little ones may perceive it as something done out of obligation. In these situations, it’s good to get them involved in planning when you perform acts of kindness and why you do them to inspire them to be generous! 


Do it together with them!

Take it another step further and do these acts of kindness with them!  Not only will it be a wonderful bonding experience with your child to show them how being generous sparks joy in you and in turn, them!


Affirm them for their actions

When you see your children being generous, don’t forget to point it out and affirm them! Positive reinforcement helps them to see how their actions impact those around them. When they are aware of how it makes other people feel, it will inspire them to continue with these acts of generosity! 


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