How to implement Phonics at Home

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How to Implement Phonics at Home

November 12, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana

Phonics plays an important role in one’s ability to read, spell, and write in English fluently. Once you are able to write fluently, it can instill confidence, better communication skills, and more!


Here are some ways to implement Phonics at home with your child!



Read with them!

Encourage them to read as much as possible. Although books are common reading materials for children, there are many other reading materials that can be found elsewhere. From banners, posters, menus, and subtitles, there are plenty of hidden opportunities for your little one to read! 



Use their hobbies

If your child is a fan of animals, it’s time to put their knowledge about animal sounds to the test. Can they roar like a fearless lion? Meow like a mellow cat? 


You may also want to look out for other sounds like vehicles and things around their environment. Cars honking, aeroplanes zooming by - any sound you hear can play a part in enhancing your child’s phonemic awareness. The more sounds they can identify, the better their phonemic awareness.


Letting them get familiar with different sounds helps them associate the sounds with new words in the future.



Sing along!

The number of songs you can sing with them is endless! You could play a game of ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’ to your favorite songs together and let your child finish the lyrics. It will be a fun way to remember the words while practicing phonics together! 



When you keep things exciting, your child will have so much fun while learning! 

Through our phonics-based programs, many of our students have been able to not only read and write fluently but also ignite their passion for reading! 



Want to give your child a head-start in learning and confidence? Find out more about our literacy and phonics classes today. 

Find out more about your child’s learning style and optimize their learning experience and performance today!

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