Importance of Phonics

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Importance of Phonics

March 16, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Thinking of how to accelerate your child’s reading and speaking ability? Capitalise on phonics! Phonics is important because it teaches children how to decode letters into respective sounds. This is essential for them when they read unfamiliar words by themselves. Most words are in fact new to early readers in print, even if they have spoken knowledge of the word. Having knowledge of letter sounds will allow children to make the link between the unfamiliar print words to their spoken knowledge. 


Here are some benefits of Phonics!


Increase fluency in reading

Phonics-based reading helps to increase a child’s fluency in reading. Fluency in this case refers to reading text accurately and not reading fast. When phonics is taught properly, children will also find reading easy. Hence, the child will not only read accurately but also quickly. 


Improve reading comprehension

Only when a child learns how to pronounce a word well, then will the child be able to comprehend what he or she reads. Phonics can help a child acquire more vocabulary on a daily basis. This is possible because of proper pronunciation, which will allow the child to better understand the word. Normally, children will use words they understand in their daily speech. 


Develop confidence

Children need to develop more confidence in themselves first before they become more vocal. This begins the moment they realise that they can pronounce words correctly like older people. It is only through phonics-based reading that children will develop the ability to pronounce words very well and hence boost their confidence. To help your child develop confidence and become more vocal, you need to teach them phonics. Check out how to implement phonics at home.


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