Learn Phonics with School of Concepts

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Learn Phonics with School of Concepts

May 12, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Wonder how the School of Concepts is different from other phonics centre? Let us decode together!


At School of Concepts, we customise the literacy acquisition experience according to the learner’s optimal learning style - mainly visual, auditory and kinesthetic. 

Take a look and see the comparision between School of Concepts and others

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Benefits Beyond Academic Skills

On top of learning letters of the English alphabet, young learners benefit beyond academic skills. Our centre-based lessons cover activities that cater, excite and engage little learners throughout the session

  1. cultivating a love for learning, 

  2. building a strong foundation in fundamental learning skills such as observational skills, cognitive thinking, creative and problem-solving skills, 

  3. and nurturing self-motivated and self-directed attitudes towards learning - behaviours that are so critical in order to be future-ready!


Learning How to Read

For those who sign up with us to learn how to read. Little learners not only acquire the above attitudes and mindset towards learning, but they will also be equipped with the ability to 

  1. spell by sounding (instead of memorizing through rote learning) 

  2. comprehend text read - able to not just understand but also answer comprehension questions, build on stories as well as do show and tell - while they build strong communication skills with the ability to articulate and elaborate on their thoughts with confidence 



At School of Concepts, we help little learners discover their optimal learning styles and passion for learning through activities that cater, excite and engage little learners throughout the session. 

Curious to find out what your child’s learning style is? Book an assessment with us today!

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