Have a Jolly Good Time with Jolly Phonics

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Have a Jolly Good Time with Jolly Phonics

April 30, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Have you heard of Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive programme; a fun and multi-sensory synthetic phonics method that makes learning interesting. There are 42 letter sounds, these are the building blocks for a child’s learning and writing from an early age.


What are some things you should know about phonics?


Letter Sound Order

Sounds are taught in a specific order, it is not taught alphabetically. Learning sounds using Jolly Phonics allows children to begin building words as early as possible. 


Here are the three skills taught in Jolly Phonics!


Learning the Letter Sounds 

There are 7 groups of letter sounds. Children will learn 42 main letter sounds including alphabet sounds and digraphs such as ai, ch, sh and ou.


Blending the Sounds

Children will learn to blend sounds to form different words and then to read.


Identifying the Sounds 

Children learn to write by identifying the sounds in words and relating the letters to those sounds. 


At School of Concepts, we use a multi-sensory approach to inculcate interest for learning.

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