New Year Resolutions for You and Your Little One!

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New Year's Resolutions for you and your little one!

January 12, 2021

Posted by Stacey Djuana



The new year is here! New beginnings and opportunities, the perfect moment of self-improvement for all of us, and what better way to do that than through making new year’s resolutions? However, for many of us, they tend to fall through by the end of February. So how do we stick to them? By making them with other people, so you can both keep yourselves accountable! 


Here are some new year’s resolutions you can make with your little ones! 


Let’s get physical 

Getting more exercise is a popular resolution to have, as there are many important benefits to being fit! With your little ones, you can exercise while having fun! 


From indoor dance parties, a simple walk after dinner or a family workout, there are so many fun activities you can do. You could even disguise household chores as games by creating fun scenarios for them. You could make it a race, an adventure; the possibilities are endless! For an extra tip, look at what book or TV show your little one is interested in and emulate them in real life!


Healthy Eating

Committing to eating healthy meals as a family can be empowering, for both you and your little one. Ask for their help in the kitchen when making meals to keep you both motivated! Similar to exercising together, you could also make eating healthily a game. Another thing you could try to do is introduce a new fruit or vegetable every week to keep your little one’s curiosity expand!


Say no to electronics! 

Our reliance on electronics has increased tenfold, especially with many of us staying at home for most of this year.  Everyone around us, including little ones, simply can’t stay unplugged! 


To ensure we don’t get too detached from our surroundings, set a goal to put away all electronics for one day a month. It may sound scary, but together as a family, nothing is unstoppable! To make the transition easier, have board games on hand for a fun bonding experience! 



To ease you into reading more, why not kill two birds with one stone and read with your little one? We always encourage our children to read more books but forget to include ourselves in the mix. Start with reading child-friendly books your children are interested in for the perfect bonding experience with you and your little one! 


With your little ones keeping us accountable, new year’s resolutions will be fun to achieve! 



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