Three Steps to Help Visual Learners Study Effectively

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3 Steps to help Visual Learners Study Effectively

October 21, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana



To sum up our previous blog post, Visual learners are described as those who thrive in visual settings. They have great photographic memory and excel in remembering and visualising objects around them. They can absorb information at a faster rate if presented visually. 

Without visual cues, however, they might get confused as they prefer to have something in writing to refer to.


Here are some tips to enhance their learning experience with their learning style in mind!



Draw it out!- Visual learners love illustrations! From images, diagrams, flashcards, and other visuals, these will help them greatly in understanding information. Making mindmaps are a great way to break down complex information with different colours and visuals.


Colour Coding-  Highlighters, coloured pens and markers will be their sidekicks. Having them on hand allows these learners to use them to make important information stand out. It also serves as visual cues to remember them. 



A Quiet Environment- Distractions are a Visual Learner’s greatest enemy. From electronics, social media or just noise in general, they can prevent these learners from learning! Having a dedicated place for them to study that is distraction-free will allow them to further concentrate and focus.

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