Reading Activities for Visual Learners!

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Reading Activities for Visual Learners!

April 09, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Visual learners are described as those who thrive in visual settings. They have great photographic memory and excel in remembering and visualising objects around them. They can absorb information at a faster rate if presented visually. Without visual cues, however, they might get confused as they prefer to have something in writing to refer to. Here are some reading tactics you can incorporate to help visual learners learn better. 


Use Stories

Stories are a great way to convey messages and information to our little ones. Along with visuals, children can have a better idea of what we want them to learn. Instead of memorizing letters and their sounds, using story books can be a good way to strengthen your child’s memory and reinforce the association between visuals and words. Reading assessment books or books without visuals may not be interesting for visual learners. Hence why not try storytelling for a change. 


Use Body Motion

Children learn best when they are highly involved in the activities they do. Visual learners tend to focus more when they can picture what they learn together. Using body language and movement, children can encode information and store them for long-term memory because of a stronger association. High physical involvement in an activity can also keep children interested without feeling bored. 


Draw It Out

Visual learners love illustrations! From images, diagrams, flashcards, and other visuals, these will help them greatly in understanding information. Making mind maps are a great way to break down complex information with different colours and visuals. 


At School of Concepts, we incorporate show-and-tell to foster interest and passion for learning. 

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