The Benefits of Play!

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The Benefits of Play!

November 25, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana


When we want the best for our children’s education, we may find it hard to balance between their Study and Playtime. How much of each is enough? And how important are they? 


In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on ‘Play’ and its benefits in the development of children.


Gets those creative juices flowing!

It is through play that children are able to create, explore, and interact with their environment at their own pace. This spurs creativity in them which increases their problem-solving skills as they are equipped with the ability to come up with creative ideas!  


Friendship is magic!

When children interact with others through play, it opens up opportunities for them to learn social interaction skills and make friends! Furthermore, playing helps your child to build bridges with other children through instilling cooperation and self-control. This helps them gain more empathy - a key element of emotional intelligence.


A good communicator

Pretend play, a type of play that includes role-play, gives children the opportunity to not only hone their creativity but also improve their vocabulary. From pretending to be a doctor to playing house, it allows them to communicate in fun and different scenarios!




At School of Concepts, play is a big part of our phonics-based programs as we adapt to all types of learners (Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Visual). Click here to enroll your little one with us for a fun and enriching learning experience!

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