Tips and Tricks on Phonics!

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Tips and Tricks on Phonics!

March 23, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Tips and Tricks on Phonics!

Hoping to help your little one learn phonics better? Here are some tips and tricks from the Teachers! Learning should not be difficult, it should be fun and engaging. 


Start Small

To start off, it’s recommended for children to focus on a few regular sounds and spelling patterns, then move on to irregular sounds and spelling after they master the basics. With good mastery of the basics, children will be more confident when they tackle irregularities. Don’t forget to incorporate some fun when practising phonics with your little one, as this will help them to remember the sounds better when they are involved. Check out how to implement phonics at home here!


Use Multisensory Materials

Paper and pencil can get tedious! You can always try different ways to teach phonics. Role play not only keeps children on their toes but also stimulates their interest for learning. Storytelling is a fun way to introduce new words to your little one, as it allows them to better relate to newly learnt words from the story told. 


Give Immediate Feedback

Provide feedback to help your little one correct their mispronunciation. It would be good to correct them immediately so that they would learn the right things. Phrasing your feedback positively can boost their confidence and not sound overly critical. Children would be more inclined to learn when they feel that they can ask questions without repercussions. 


Stop and Check

Informal assessments are a great way to ensure children are making sufficient progress before introducing new things into their curriculum. Sitting for a formal assessment may affect the true performance of a child as they will be under intense pressure. 


At school of concepts, we use fun to strengthen and foster a love for reading and writing in our students!


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