Ways Your Little Ones Can Help

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Ways Your Little Ones Can Help

June 04, 2021

Posted by XinLing Wei

Is your child at the age where he/she copies your action? Children go through a “sensitive period for orders” that peaks around the age of two. 


Here are some things your little one can help you with 


Watering Plants With A Spray Bottle Or Bucket

This allows your little one to learn how to care for living things and also build a sense of responsibility through daily routines. This creates an opportunity for parents to explain the growth process of a seed to a plant through a live and interactive environment. 


Folding Their Own Clothes And Towels

The next time a fresh basket of laundry is ready, get your little one to help you with some simple folding. Towels can be a good start for toddlers to learn how to fold. You’ll be surprised by how toddlers have a strong sense of desire for consistency and repetition. Folding towels and their own clothes will create so much fun. 


Setting Up The Table

While you are busy preparing meals for the family, your little one can be of great help in setting up the table. Is he/she familiar with numbers? You can instruct them to prepare a set of utensils for each family member. They will be able to practice their numerical skills while arranging the table.


Finding Sock Pairs

Mix and match the correct sock together to form a pair. Injecting some elements of play can be a great way to get your little one to help you out. Children will form a positive association between doing laundry and playing games, which will help create a routine where they will be more than willing to help out with laundry.

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