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Ways to Celebrate Christmas at Home

December 22, 2020

Posted by Stacey Djuana

For many of us, December is “the most wonderful time of the year”. With the decorations and lights aglow, reunions, and meetups with friends old and new, the joy of Christmas truly spreads like wildfire during the last month of the year! With the pandemic, however, celebrating it this year will be different for all of us. 


There are many ways to celebrate Christmas at home while keeping the spirit of Christmas burning inside! 


Watch Christmas Movies

What better way to celebrate than with a Christmas movie marathon to remind us of the joyful season? Revisit your childhood Christmas movies with your little ones for the perfect bonding session. You may want to share what you enjoyed about the movie as a child, bringing your little one into your childhood’s world of wonder! This would inspire your child to share about their thoughts too, allowing their imagination and creativity to flow freely while bringing out the super storyteller in them! There will also be many movies on TV in December, so don’t forget to tune in to watch them too. You never know, it could even end up becoming a yearly tradition! 


Did you know that watching movies can also help increase your little one's phonemic awareness? Having subtitles on in movies can help them to learn and familiarise themselves with the word and sounds. This will make it easier for little ones to recognize them in the future!


Giving back to the Community

While we give gifts to our loved ones, we may want to make each gift extra meaningful by giving back to our community. Let your little one participate in identifying items and gifts they’d like to share and/or donate to others. You may want to encourage them to create a wish list for giving and play Santa by sending the items to local donation centres. This is a good opportunity for your little one to learn and understand the importance of giving back! 


Video Call

Ever since the pandemic, Video Chat softwares like Zoom and Skype have become a familiar tool for communication. They have been used for communication amongst friends, family, and anyone in between. Have a person in mind that you’ve been meaning to chat with? There is no better opportunity than right now! With everyone staying safe at home, a simple chat with a loved one can make a huge difference. Although we are far apart, we are always close to heart! 


Let’s Craft!

Crafting has many benefits such as reducing stress and boosting one’s self-esteem, all while being fun! Why not bring the fun over during this jolly season?

From making cards, bubble painting, and more, it’s always a good time crafting with the family!

Crafting can also help to refine your little one's motor skills as they require movement from their hands!

Need more DIY ideas? We have our monthly curated Funbox kits that are specially curated for your little ones to play and learn! 

Check out this month’s Christmas webinar & Funbox kit where we make our very own snowglobes here!


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