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What is your Child's Learning Style?

May 15, 2020

Posted by School of Concepts

Knowing what type of learner your child is will help you understand how you can maximise their learning capabilities. It will also be easier for parents to encourage their child. Each type of learner has personalised tips to make learning fun and more effective!


This will also help your child grasp ideas better, be more confident in learning and enjoy the process! Here are the types of learners and tips on how you can help them!




Learners who can understand and remember information best through illustrations, colours, maps and graphics are visual learners. Children who are visual learners usually enjoy arts, reading books with illustrations and are quick in recognising people and places they visit. Here are some study tips for them:

  • Colour code notes or texts

  • Illustrate for them when explaining new topics

  • Flashcards with pictures and words for items you want them to remember

  • Let them write!

  • Create charts or diagrams when revising



Learners who process information by physical movement, trying it out for themselves and through touch are kinaesthetic learners. They might feel fidgety at times; enjoy sports or any physical activities. They can also easily remember things which they have touched or experiences they have gone through. Here are some study tips to help them:


  • Add games into revision and lessons

  • Conduct hands-on activities like building, experimenting, painting, etc

  • Take short breaks in between lessons (as they may have a shorter attention span)

  • Study in groups

  • Make models


Learners who can learn through hearing and listening are auditory learners. They can understand things better through verbal instructions and may excel in auditory activities such as music. They prefer to recite information, enjoy talking and listening to others speak. Here are some study tips to help them:

  • Give verbal instructions

  • Encourage them to ask or answer questions

  • Let them recite out loud

  • Make up stories and songs to help them remember

  • Read stories!

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