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Positive Reinforcements: 5 ways to encourage a child's good behaviour

July 26, 2020

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What is positive reinforcement?

Why do we need to use positive reinforcement?


Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective techniques to encourage good behaviour and motivate children to continue to do so. Positive reinforcement occurs when an incentive is given after a specific behaviour is shown. This is to help increase the likelihood that the child will repeat this desired behaviour again, like finishing their food, doing their home works or helping with house chores.


Here we have listed the 5 types of reinforcers you can use to encourage your child's good behaviour. Although, for it to be effective you must observe what motivates your child most. As some positive reinforcers might not appeal to them as much as the others.


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  1. Social reinforcers- these involves the approval of their behaviour from other people like parents and teachers. Giving a simple high five when they finish a task or saying "Good Job!" will encourage your child to continue doing a good behaviour.
  2. Natural reinforcers- occurs naturally after a child shows appropriate behaviour. An example of this is when a child shares his/her toy to another kid, that kid might naturally lead to becoming a friend and inviting him/her to play. Another one would be if a child studies hard for an exam the natural result would be
  3. Token reinforcers- this can be in a form of point system wherein, every time they complete a task or show a certain behaviour they will be rewarded with tokens that can be exchanged with a prize after a week or so.m
  4. Activity reinforcers- this includes giving rewards in terms of activities. It can be giving extra one hour of playtime, screen time or any type of activities they like once they have completed a task or have shown a good behaviour you want to encourage.
  5. Tangible reinforcers- this type of reinforcer is rewarding the child with items like stickers, their favourite food, certificates or medals. This type of reinforcer should be done cautiously, as we want rewards to only be motivators and not reasons for good behaviour.
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