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3 Crucial Ways Creativity Helps in your Child's Development

August 04, 2020

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Creating art is more than the mess our kids make. We may not see it, but arts and craft are actually brilliant ways to foster different aspects in a child's development.

What are the benefits of arts and craft?

Being creative doesn't only limit your child to becoming a good painter, illustrator or the like. This also leads to set of skills your child would need in the future, especially for their career. Nowadays companies would not only look for candidates that can do the job but those who can innovate new ideas and solve-problems in creative ways. 

So how does creative skills through arts and craft contribute to that? Here are the top 3 important benefits your child can gain.

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  1. Intellectual benefits- arts include shapes, mixing colours, creating things from scratch which helps develops the right side of our brain. Through arts and craft we ignite their imagination, metaphoric thinking, solution-finding and non-verbal skills. Finding ways to make new colours, pasting different shapes together, creating a house or a rocket from basic materials. All these simple ways will progress to more complex thinking.
  2. Physical benefits- it takes time for kids to develop their fine motor skills, which involves the small movements of the wrist, hand and fingers. What better way to practice it than arts and craft. Which includes cutting, pasting and drawing that will help strengthen their muscles and hand coordination.
  3. Emotional benefits- art is a form of self-expression and personal uniqueness. In this process children can express their feelings and communicate it through the art they make. Giving them the opportunity to create freely will give them self-confidence and self-esteem.
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