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Rhyming: Improving your Child's Reading and Spelling skills

August 09, 2020

Posted by School of Concepts

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You may have taught your child nursery rhymes like "Humpty Dumpty", "Incy Wincy Spider", "Twinkle twinkle little star", etc. and this is actually a brilliant way to prepare your child how to read and write.


There are a lot of reasons why these are taught from young and not only because they are filled with melody. The patterns and rhythm from nursery rhymes help children develop an ear for language. It increases the child's Phonological awareness, the ability to discriminate, blend and manipulate sounds they hear, which is an important skill for reading; and Phonemic awareness, the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) to form a simple word, which is the foundation of spelling and reading.


Rhymes can also be reinforced in other types of activities especially for the older kids. Read below for more ways you can help strengthen your child's reading skills with rhyming words!

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For younger kids-

  • Best way to introduce rhymes is through songs, stories while using pictures or props along to make it more fun and interactive for the kid
  • Identifying rhyming words: give them 4 words and et them identify which does not rhyme. (i.e bed, red, dot, fed)
  • Match picture words that rhymes

For older kids-

  • Read books or poems with rhyming words
  • Create your own rhyming book with words that end with "-at", "-it", "-op", etc. This helps kids with pattern and familiarity which would guide them to read and spell faster
  • Fill in the blanks: let your child complete rhyming stories. (i.e Pat is a cat that wears a (hat; bag) )
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